puglia-private-tour-7 meraviglie in 7 giorni-fetta di pugliaWelcome to Puglia

Puglia is Italy’s easternmost region. It is situated on the heel of this beautiful country. Puglia is the ideal destination for your holidays, because it offers some of Italy’s most beautiful beaches, but also a magnificent climate with mild temperatures. Most days here are warm and sunny most of the year. Warm, but slightly windy summers and mild winters are typical for Puglia’s weather conditions. This is also true for most the neighbouring Mediterranean countries.

This region extends its territory from a Puglian plain called “Tavogliere delle Puglie” with the city Foggia (the second largest Italian plain surpassed only by the so-called “pianura padana” in Northern Italy). Passing by the so-called “Murge” (a high plateau in a karst landscape) you will reach the area that surrounds Bari, the capital of Puglia. This part of Puglia is known as Terra di Bari (It is a hilly territory). Then there is the Itria Valley. Its location is between the provinces of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto. (That is exactly where most of the famous trulli houses can be found.) Last but not least there is the Salentine peninsula with the beautiful city Lecce. The Tremiti islands are also a part of Puglia (they are situated close to Gargano’s Coast). Other parts of Puglia are the Cheradi Islands (near Taranto) and the Island Sant’Andrea, which is situated near Gallipoli.

Puglia’s most important airports are the ones in Bari Palese and Brindisi Casale. Both can be reached from Italian and international airports. Therefore you can fly to Puglia from Europe’s most important capital cities. From these airports you can reach the most interesting sights by car or bus. All of the sights are interesting and worth visiting. There are beautiful historical city centres with baroque and medieval architecture. Some small and very beautiful cities are Ostuni, also known as “the white city”, Otranto with its fortified buildings and its turquois sea, the fortified island city Gallipoli and Santa Maria di Leuca on the easternmost point of Puglia, where the Ionian Sea meets the Adriatic Sea. The cities Alberobello, Locorotondo, Cisternino and Martina Franca are famous for their fairytale-like historical city centres and their trulli houses, typical round stone houses with conical roves. Alberobello is listed by the UNESCO as world heritage site, because trulli are truly unique. Other protected cultural heritage sites are the sanctuary of San Michele Archangelo in the province Foggia and the fascinating Castel del Monte in Andria and last but not least the cave city Matera in Basilicata.

puglia-private-tour-itinerari-enogastronomiciPuglia’s history is connected to the histories of its neighbouring Mediterranean countries as well as to the history of invaders from far away, such as the Ancient Greeks, the Ancient Romans, the Byzantines, the Normans, the emperor Frederick II and the Spanish Bourbons. All of them have influenced the architecture and culture of Puglia. In Puglia’s museums and archaeological parks you can learn more about Puglia’s history. They are open all year long. Puglia has an excellent culinary tradition. There are many local specialties. Apulian Wine and olive oil are known in and exported to many countries all over the world. You can learn, how to cook our typical meals and you can taste high quality wine from Puglia at the producer’s wine cellars. You can learn more about the making of cheese and sausages directly from the producers as well. We would be happy to organize visits, hands-on cooking classes and tastings of Apulian specialties for you. Puglia has so many things to offer! Organize your vacation choosing from our wide range of tours and tell us, if you would prefer to stay in a historical city centre hotel or in a fantastic countryside Manor Estate called “Masseria”. All partner hotels that we recommend have been selected because of their beauty and the high quality of the services offered by them. We only recommend restaurants and excursions that we believe meet high quality standards, because we want to make sure that you will experience a splendid vacation in Puglia with Puglia Private Tour.

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