Puglia Private TourPlan your holiday in Puglia with us. Puglia Private Tour is a tour operator run by professionals of the sector with more than 20 years of experience. We organize tour itineraries and specialize in bespoke tours in Puglia. Our aim is to to plan a dream vacation in Puglia for all of you, who are curious about the authentic, off the beaten path locations. Far away from mass tourism you can experience a unique holiday. Our bespoke tours in Puglia are unique and highly personalized. We will design toru itineraries with you and for you making sure to understand the priorities and desires of our clients in order to plan your perfect sophisticated, luxurious stay in Puglia. We propose travel itineraries that can be used as a base for the creation of your tailor-made, highly personalized dream vacation in Puglia that will fulfil all your wishes, needs and desires. Assistance, competence and friendliness are an important part of our philosophy. We want to organize a unique and unforgettable vacation for you. Puglia Private Tour is waiting for you in Puglia.


Onofrio Zonno

Onofrio Zonno is responsible for Puglia Private Tour’s product development and promotion. After having spent twenty years travelling the world as a developer and promoter of tours for some of the most important Italian tour operators, he decided to use his experience to create bespoke tours in his home region Puglia. He has been living in the Itria Valley for some years now. He works here with a local team of experienced tourism experts on the development of luxurious dream vacations in Puglia and Matera. He strives to satisfy the wishes and desires of all of his clients and even the most experienced ones can profit from his profound knowledge of Puglia and Matera

Nicoletta Morfini

Nicoletta Morfini is a founding partner of Puglia Private Tour srls. Nicoletta Morfini has a lot of experience in the field of tourism as has her family, who founded “Morfini & Figli” in 1882 and has represented many prestigious airlines as well as having founded Morfimare Viaggi later and having been a tour operator with partners in Italy and abroad.

Natalie Hörner

Natalie Hörner is a travel designer and a detail-oriented travel consultant. She is passionate about Puglia, has more than a decade of experience in the travel sector and is primarily responsible for consulting our customers from outside of Italy. Her mother tongue is German, but she is also fluent in English, Spanish and Italian. She shares your deep-seated passion for Puglia’s culture and lifestyle, so why shouldn’t you let her help you plan a custom trip?

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