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Castel del Monte and other beautiful Castles in Puglia

Once upon a time Puglia….

The story starts from here, an extraordinary journey discovering a new land…amongst nature, culture, special people, festivals and traditions.

Apulia boasts more than 30 breathtaking castles and one of the most notable castles is Castel del Monte in Andria. This  octagonal castle was built by Emperor Frederick II. Today this UNESCO Heritage Site can be seen in the reverse of the Italian one cent euro. Emperor Frederick II loved Apulia and built many castles here. He spent his life in Puglia and died in Castel Fiorentino in Torremaggiore (Foggia). He was also responsible for the construction of the original Trani Castle that was built between 1233 and 1249. In 1259 it hosted the wedding of Manfred, son of Frederick II, and Elena Comneno, who was the daughter of Michael II King of Epirus. The Trani Castle is one of the most important ones in Puglia and it is situated in a beautiful location near the sea, not far from another fascinating sight. Make sure to visit the wonderful cathedral of S.Nicola Pellegrino in Trani, which dominates the seashore, while you are in Trani.

In Bari the NormanSwabian castle is the symbol of the city. The so-called Castello Normanno-Svevo was built by the Normans in the XII century and restored by Frederick II between 1233 and 1240.

Other castles often also of stunning beauty can be visited in Lucera, Bovino, Oria, Gioia del Colle, Taranto, Brindisi, Minervino di Puglia and Otranto.

Author: Michele Lanave, Madama Wedding Planner: / English summary: Natalie Hörner

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