Conversano is one of the most ancient city in the area of Bari . Its history is so fascinating that you will love it! The origins of Conversano are related to the VIII-VI century B.C. , when it was occupied by Japigi and Peucetiis. Maybe in this period the city was called Norba, which means “city surrounded by defensive walls”. We can still see now the remains of the Megalithic walls near the monastery of S. Benedetto.
Lately, Conversano and Apulia as well, were conquered by the Roman Empire. Norba was going to disappeared after the fall of the Roman Empire, because it was destroyed by the barbarian invasions. After centuries of silence, Conversano appeared again in our history and in the first years of the Middle Age, it was rising up again.
During the Middle Age Conversano was named “Casale Cupersani”, entering a phase of growth and development when it was dominated by the Normans. “Goffredo il Guiscardo” was the first earl who governed the earldom of Conversano, here he allowed the creation of the most important medieval buildings: the main tower, the other buildings of the castle, the Cathedral and S. Benedetto’s nunnery/monastery.

The Almond and delicious cuisine feast will take place for the 4th time in Conversano from September 2nd to September 4th, 2016. The event is dedicated to almonds and all the delicious dishes that are traditionally prepared using this ingredient. Food fairs date back to the past when Puglians used to gather in towns to buy and sell produce. Today’s celebrations are dictated by tradition, what is in season, and the town’s whim. Street artists will perform and you can enjoy some live music. info 3735067129 – 3471251787

Conversano (Bari)
Castello Acquaviva d’Aragona
Corso Domenico Morea
18:00 h
no entrance fee
Info. 3735067129 – 3471251787

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