This Masseria hotel was built on a natural legacy. It sits atop an ancient cave settlement, ensconced in the heart of centuries of olive plains, (the “Ulivi Secolari”), it is an ideal haven from which to admire the sea stretching across the horizon, and the green hills that frame this perfect picture. Following a long period of abandonment, the masseria, (local Pugliese term for farmhouse), has undergone a full artistic rejuvenation while retaining its unique rustic identity and rural charm. Furniture, textiles and tools of the past have been given new direction in design while retaining their authentic personalities, which provides a unique and tactile experience for the visitor.

As you meander through the extensive gardens and ancient streets carved in stone, nature welcomes you, overwhelming you with her sounds, colours and the unforgettable scent of the olive groves and fresh local vegetation. Be Nature’s Guest




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