Lecce is said to be of Messapian origin. The Messapian people had a lot of military power and was able to give a lot of traouble at first to the Magno-Greeks and then to the Romans. They imposed walls and archaeological stations such as Rudiae, Cavallino, Muro Lecese, Alezio and Ugento. With the interruption of some rebellions Lecce was later under Roman influence. The Roman Amphitheatre and the roman theatre can be visited in this city still today. There is also a column that bears the statue of St. Oronzo, Lecces’ patron that dates back to the Roman Age. This column is one of two final shafts of the Appian Way that ended in Brindisi. This column was given as a gift to Leccce by the people of Brindisi in the late 17th century. Many of the most beautiful buildings were built in the 16th and 17th centuries in Lecce. We can notice the triumph of the Baroque architecture of Lecce in the old town. Among the sights that are worth visiting are the Arch of Triumph that was built in honour of Charles V, the church Basilica of Santa Croce (Cross) and the Convent of Celestines. There are many beautiful palaces to be visited here as well, e.g. the palaces Vernazza-Castromediano, Guarini, Gorgoni, Loffredi-Adorni, Saraceno, Martirano, Pensini-Morsco, Fumarola-Spada, Perrone, Oanzera, Prato, della Ratta, Giaconìa, Prioli, Giustiniani, de Raho, Morelli, Maresgallo, Luperto, Lecciso, Zimara, Forleo and Mettola to mention just a few.
Lecce is also famous for its artisans, who produce works of value and prestige using material such as papiermaché. This artform dates back to the 17th century in Lecce. Moreover, Lecce is also a place full of elegant shops, trendy bars and good restaurants.
Please do not hesitate to ask us for excursions, if you are interested in wine tastings of the Salsice Salentino wine. Those excursions as well as cooking classes and olive oil tastings can easily be arranged in Lecce and the nearby countryside.
Lecce’s patron saint is Sant’Oronzo. On August 24th Lecce celebrates Sant’Oronzo with music events, food stalls and fireworks.

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