“Marangiane in festa” has already been celebrated 13 times before it will again take place from 25th to 29 th of July 2014 thanks to the organizers of the local organization Pro Loco of Castri di Lecce.. This folk festival called sagra shows the desire of the inhabitants of Castri di Lecce to come together and forget about the daily problems and to share the local dishes and listen to local folk music and songs. And how can one resist the delicious local cuisine featuring Eggplant Parmigiana (covered with Parmesan cheese ), fried eggplant with fried fresh tomatoes, polpette (Italian meat dumplings) and to discover many other wonderful recipes. Those who enjoy sweet desserts should try the “Parmigiana di melanzane al cioccolato (Eggplant Chocolate)” . You will love the crumbly texture of the short crust with the fudgy chocolate.

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