Most of Puglia’s boutique hotels have been opened in recent years in Puglia and they are a fairly new type of hotel in this region. They are elegantly furnished, stylish, chic small hotels that are different from conventional hotels, because they all have a very unique style. Puglia’s boutique hotels are often situated in the historical city centers of Ostuni, Matera or Bari, where guests can go shopping, have fun and wonderful meals in the bars and restaurants in the evening and visit the sights, the cathedrals, castles and stunning architecture during the day. All of our hotels have been handpicked, so that guests can expect first class service in Puglian hotels recommended by Puglia Private Tour. This is the perfect solution for people, who want to spend their holidays far away from mass tourism, but not in the quiet countryside, but in a picturesque Puglian town.

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