A stay in one of Puglia’s Masserie (a refurbished Manor Estate, Puglia’s version is called “masseria” in Italian, plural: “masserie”) is highly recommendable. Many of Puglia’s masserie have been transformed into hotels. A holiday in one of these masserie is a possibility to immerse yourself completely in the Apulian way of life. The masseria hotels are located in the countryside and they are usually surrounded by olive trees, lush gardens or vineyards. Some are close to Puglia’s beautiful beaches, others are close to Puglia’s most famous sights (such as the UNESCO heritage site Alberobello, famous for its white trulli stonehouses with its conical roofs). Most of the masseria hotels recommended by us can be found in the countryside around Brindisi, particularly in the Itria Valley. Although guests are surrounded by Puglia’s beautiful nature here, the hotels still offer every comfort guests expect of a good hotel. This is the place to come to after a stressful period at work to relax and “recharge your batteries”. A journey to a masseria is always a voyage to Puglia’s past. Most of these buildings were constructed in the 16th century, when Puglia’s noble families decided to cultivate the land and use some of them as animal farms. Masserie tended to become small commercial centers with strong walls surrounding them in a protective way. Most of these “Puglian Jewels” have moved their focus from agriculture to tourism, but without forgetting their roots. Therefore guests in masseria hotels can still get to know local traditions, taste fresh local food and wine and enjoy the Dolce Vita the Southern Italian way!

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