Puglia Private Tour:
Easter Celebrations in Puglia: Holy Week and Sacred Day in Puglia
EUR 1330,– per person
Short description of our Easter tour itinerary (April 2nd – April 6th, 2015)
Discover Puglia’s ancient Easter traditions, experience ancient rites and rituals, which have been performed for centuries. Hooded devotees with crwons of thorns carry crosses. Easter sweets are yummy. We will taste almond treats and Apulian wines such as the tasty red wine “Primitivo di Manduria” (dry or sweet). Lecce is famous for its baroque architecture, but also for the ways artisans work with papier-mâché. We will visit the studio of a craftsman in Lecce, who works with papier-mâché. Flamingos and a plethora of other races of birds can be seen at the Saline dei Monaci. Almond trees blossom this time of the year and the first sunrays will make our seaside strolls perfect.
Accommodation: We will book your room in a charming “masseria” hotel, a Manor Estate that was transformed into an elegant boutique style hotel in a central location in Puglia.

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