Are you planning your holidays in Italy? Are you interested in some great ideas for art and culture tours? In Puglia all of you, who are interested in art and culture will find, what they are looking for. We, the team of Puglia Private Tour is able to offer you a new and unforgettable experience, we share our latest ideas for interesting, off the beaten track itineraries with you. Check out our art and culture tour, our guided tours in Puglia between art, architecture, faith and culture. Puglia in Southern Italy is not only a region known for its food and wine and relaxation in the sun, it is a land that looks back on a long history and civilizations that have all influenced its customs and traditions. You can admire the beauty of majestic Swabian castles, starting with the octagonal Castel del Monte that was built for the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II. Scientists are still not sure about Castel del Monte’s function and they discuss, how best to interpret the symbolic meaning of its unique architecture. Castel del Monte, Alberobello with its trulli houses and Matera with its cave dwellings (sassi) are the three places that are listed on the Unesco Cultural World Heritage list. If you are looking for new vacation ideas in Puglia, please do not hesitate to talk to our travel consultants about your priorities, wishes and interests. Puglia Private Tour’s team is happy to show you the beauty of Puglia, its history and culture, be it the baroque architecture of Lecce, the famous mosaic floor in the Cathedral of Otranto, the churches in Galatina (a city also called “Assisi of the South”).

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