Orsara di Puglia – November 1st, 2014

On November 1st, visitors of Orsara di Puglia can participate in a traditional event, the night of the fires and of the illuminated carved pumpkins. The night of November 1st is the longest and brightest night of the year; try to imagine a medieval hamlet, nestled on the mountain slopes, lit up throughout the night by bonfires and pumpkin lanterns, livened up by music and cheerful songs and refreshed by delicious food and wines: this is the ritual of Fuca coste e cocce priatorije (bonfires and heads from the purgatory) held on the night of 1st November. A pagan ritual, probably a thousand years old, that reminds of the indissoluble bond between the world of the living and the world of the dead, in a blithe and lighthearted way. The lanterns indicate the rivers of tears of the dead which in this magic night can finally join the living, they beloved relatives in the houses they once inhabited; according to tradition, this procession of souls can be seen in the reflections of water inside the pans placed along the houses thresholds.

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